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Also my interaction with

Usually the most trying aspect of this kind of research is the effort to obtain permission to spend time with people one wishes to get to know. On seeing me, they would immediately sit down on the bed erectly so that I could conduct my check up. This has been so far the biggest adventure of my life.

This was a very difficult moment for me as I was afraid that these politicians might turn the village people against us. Eating together with the villagers made the task easier. We will have to make the first move and get over our inhibitions and talk freely with the respondents. Industrial Or Vocational Training Back cover copy This uniquely in-depth book offers a blow-by-blow account of the sometimes problematic dynamics of conducting collaborative fieldwork in ethnography.

Notes on ethics and politics were conveyed and discussed. This gave us an impression of their jet lag in the areas of health, hygiene and sanitation. They had gone to this village where they met two middle-aged men.

The main difficulty was in identifying

Direct observation was one of the techniques I enjoyed using. Rough and tough field conditions were not conducive to the students. This work is an outcome of the team effort involving a negotiated understanding of the social processes in research.

Quasi participation was also employed on several occasions. But not much attention has been paid to the critical questions that become important in a group research. In one such situation I came across a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo sitting together in the afternoon, chatting and gossiping like old friends.

The main difficulty was in identifying the domain of study and another was the scanty presence of any form of mass media in the concerned villages. Also, my interaction with the men of the household brought about discomfort to their wives. Doing the aspects of ethnographic backdrop together led to cooperation among the members.