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When Rover gets wise to this, he forces Rarity to pull the gem cart, calling her a mule. At Rarity's request, the boys carry the piano to the band room, going so far as barreling through a dense gathering of students to get there. She calls out to them and attract them with her dazzling allure, but they appear more taken by her jewel-shaped hairclip. It is stated that Dimondia has gone through a number of kings and queens that have all eventually vacated the throne. They are not particularly smart, allowing Rarity to trick them with ease.

However, she didn't recall which ones have which name. They are eliminated in the first round of the competition by Photo Finish and the Snapshots.

They are eliminated

They have a tussle with Rarity and Spike, and manage to abduct Rarity into their extensive system of underground mines. They then make themselves known and tell Rarity they hunt for gems, and will hunt for her since she can find the gems.

They attempt to force Rarity to find gems for them, but Rarity puts on a complaining and whining act, tricking them into doing all the work while she relaxes and gets pampered. They also have short and stubby spiked tails.

However she didn't recall which ones