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Creating Resilient Economies by Nick Williams download in iPad, pdf, ePub

For example, in Pittsburgh, we are facilitating a process to create an Investment Prospectus to support fundraising for and implementation of their resilience strategy. The impact of a shock is made worse by the presence of underlying stresses. Furthermore, we can help define and model the impacts of your projects in a way that can be used to support Pay for Success financing. We then develop actionable strategies to enhance your capacity to build or maintain economic competitiveness.

As industry and education leaders began to recognize the economic imperative for collaboration, they asked Fourth Economy to help them identify shared priorities and develop an action agenda. As a Platform Partner, we work with cities to help them develop and implement their resilience strategies. They partnered with Fourth Economy to develop an economic development action agenda, downtown improvement plan, media event and public launch. By modeling the economic impact of resilience, as well as the potential economic risks of not becoming more adaptable, we can help build a strong case for investing in resilience. We went beyond the traditional economic impact modeling to uncover benefits that ranged from volunteering to startup activity.

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They partnered with Fourth Economy to update their economic development strategy to align with the regional strategy and capture opportunities unique to Fargo-Moorhead. Zanesville, Ohio, which will receive planning assistance to increase new employment opportunities, support the emerging arts culture, and develop an app for visitors to explore the walkable downtown.

We help communities understand and build on their strengths, identify and seize new opportunities, overcome weaknesses, and mitigate threats. Resources to Get You Started. Eastport, Maine, which will use broadband to attract teleworkers, give community residents new opportunities, and boost small businesses on Main Street. Resilience Implementation and Finance Tools We apply our same dedication to implementing and funding resilience strategies as we do to our traditional economic development strategies.

Weirton, West Virginia, where the Mary H. The creation of a business improvement district was one of the first recommendations to be implemented. Eight key recommendations and more than thirty detailed action steps were adopted to guide programmatic and real estate asset development for the next five years.

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