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Conspiracies and Secret Societies by Brad Steiger download in iPad, pdf, ePub

We often don't know if the theory is the product of decades of research by an academic, or something the Steigers heard at the corner bar. It will surprise and disquiet you. Rick Ross, whose Ross Institute of New Jersey investigates conspiracies, has observed that more and more Americans see manipulative forces working behind the scenes of their own government. Depopulate the world, and many more very scary conceptions of what the world should be like. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Although I finished it, two things didn't impress me. The Steigers can write whatever they want, but where are they getting their information from. Often, the truth lies in the middle, and the task of the serious researcher is to make an intelligent discernment. These same critics claim that the Freemasons are linked to the Illuminati and other secret societies who work to achieve a New World Order and a One World Government. As researchers of the unusual and the unknown, we have tried our best to approach this work on conspiracy theories and secret societies without any personal agendas.

It also talks about some of the U. All these people they have interview claim that the stuff they say is the truth and facts only.

Right-wing groups are all portrayed as evil, but anarchical groups such as the Weathermen are apparently good. The tone is even-handed, which is an extra-plus. Wanting to desecrate the sacredness of the United States.

Rightwing groups are all portrayed

The Steigers are also guilty of combining separate theories espoused by different people into one, in effect creating a brand-new conspiracy theory all their own. Good read and must have if you're into this kind of stuff. Very briefly, its ok and that's it. So many secrets the government keeps from the common people. Listed alphabetically, each topic covers various tidbits in a way that gives each item its own billing, as opposed to lumping them into categories.

Some items A thorough history and examination of various conspiracies, secret societies, cults, etc. In conclusion, I don't care much for conspiracy theories. This book talks about some secret societies. This book is good for people that like to read about this stuff. Army scientists dropped light bulbs filled with bacteria onto ventilation grates throughout the New York City subway system.

Yes, there was a cover-up, but we have facts and proof. More like a dictionary of wacky stuff to be taken at face value only. If you're willing to engage in critical thinking about the topics, or just want to enjoy learning about the topics, this will provide several hours of good reading. When such conspiracies as those cited above prove to be true, the assertion that there is a kernel of truth in even the most far-fetched conspiracy theory appears also to be true. Talks about things that the people might not be ready to know the truth about, Or they just don't want us to know that information because it may be part of a great take over the world.

The A to Z reference style is annoying, not a cover to cover read at all. This was a great book i would read this again. It's in alphabetical order instead of being organized by subject.