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One should not forget that between the extremes of pure field measurements and pure computations there are numerous of hybrid methods, combining field data and computations. The far-field sound pressure is then given in terms of a volume integral over the domain containing the sound source. Real time Image transfer Visually related approach can also be found in the paper Acoustical Modelling with Sonel Mapping by Kapralos et al. There exists only relative absorption coefficients, related to the measuring conditions, whether in different laboratories, or in different halls as measured in-situ.

The theory follows directly from

Along the way important implementation issues are discussed and examples are provided, as are exercises and references to suggested readings. This means that sound in many ways acts like light, only with slower propagation speed, and thus sound rays and sound particles can be helpful models in frequency domain and time domain respectively.

Several modifications to Lighthill's original theory

Prediction of reverberant sound Reverberant sound affects the perception of room acoustics in many ways, and is physically very complex. Whenever field measured data is not a primary goal, e.

This paper suggests a method to predict the relation between absorption coefficients. While in theory the sources outside have to be zero, the application can not always fulfill this condition. Therefore, one and the same absorbing surface, e. In these cases, field measured values might as well introduce another link in a chain of uncertainties. In concert hall planning this method can be used to take diffuse field differences between laboratory and a concert hall into account.

Several modifications to Lighthill's original theory have been proposed to account for the sound-flow interaction or other effects. The theory follows directly from the wave equation. Some of the sources are then identified as turbulent or laminar noise. Measurements can provide information of controlled accuracy, however about a restricted part of the physical world.