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The Ihanzu understand their world as inherently gendered, where male and female substances reproduce most things, including babies, pots, and rain. This gendering and its subsequent complementarity transcends human bodies and is evident in many objects.

This conceptualization ofPerhaps contradictorily women control grain and

Women are dependent on men, who themselves control livestock and participate in local politics. Sessions can be held in person, on the phone, via Skype or Google Hangouts. Whenever I face tough moments, I know that she has been there too. Rainmaking and Sense Making in Tanzania.

Emily My sessions with Mia make recovery seem more possible than ever. Most centrally, rainmaking is gendered, as are all aspects of Ihanzu life.

This conceptualization of gender serves as the theoretical underpinning for a number of chapters that elucidate Ihanzu rain-making. Perhaps contradictorily, women control grain and the household, and thus beer-drinking sociality and much of everyday life.