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Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide by Jeff Alworth download in iPad, pdf, ePub

There is a small revolution going on that's meant to show you the light at the end of a tunnel filled with crappy mainstream lagers. The brewer Pierre Celis, living in Hoegaarden, resurrected the wit style, which is now one of the most popular Belgian styles in the United States. Order a pizza or barbecue sausage and watch how these beers complement both the acid of tomato sauce and meat spice.

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Character Bock has earned the reputation of concealing an iron kick inside velvety lobes of malt. It touches many topics and goes over them briefly, the beer style information was my favorite part.

Example - let's try a weizen and write down what you taste. See the different styles and tastes available. What they produce are beautiful, autumnally hued beers ranging from amber to copper and red. Go and try something new for you.

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All in all, if you're even remotely interested in beer, just browse through this book. Also, if the tasting criteria is already mentioned in the book, I would like to have a real world example of the process. Uncover to see if you were close e. The trauma weakened its grip on me over the years, but you would always find me drinking anything else but wine and tequila. It is very basic and covers the most common types of beer.