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Time and time again he thinks about doing the right thing and yet takes the wrong path at each opportunity. Bashed is taken mostly from the viewpoint of either Donald or Justin. He has a neglectful mother, but is loved unconditionally by his uncle.

After the attack he becomes bewildered and frightened easily. It deals with a range of topics such as hate, anger, violence, frustration, confusion, contrition, guilt, despair, grief, intolerance, bigotry, revenge and several different types of love. The book does end hopefully with the promise of new beginnings despite the sorrow but Bashed will not be to everyone's taste. One of the victims, Donald, wakes up two days later to find that his world has fallen apart with the death of his lover, Mark.

Justin is an

There are no easy answers or excuses at the end of this book, which is as it should be. One of the group of men who attacked Donald is Justin, a sixteen year old boy. He knows that he hangs around with a bad crowd, drinking and smoking weed, but he does nothing to get himself out of that situation even after the attack.

Justin is an example of how a weak attitude plus enough bravado and anger can lead to tragedy. The character of Justin brought out even more mixed feelings in me.

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