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It is approximately four inches in diameter, less than two inches in depth and weighs about two and a half pounds. However a similar operation cardiomyoplasty was tried in the s with disappointing results. This opens the possibility that some advanced heart failure patients may forgo heart transplantation. Outcomes in advanced heart failure patients with left ventricular assist devices for destination therapy.

These pumps contain only one moving part the rotor. This predisposes the patient to fungal and some viral infections necessitating appropriate prophylactic therapy. The program is targeted to key staff members charged with disseminating the information to the rest of the hospital staff and maintaining staff proficiency. The device is placed just below the diaphragm in the abdomen.

These pumps have the advantage of greater simplicity resulting in smaller size and greater reliability. Initial treatment should be with broad spectrum antibiotics, but every effort must be made to obtain appropriate samples for culture. Biomedical Training Program Thoratec supports all new equipment with a comprehensive warranty. Apart from the obvious cosmetic advantage this reduces the risk of infection and the consequent need to take preventative action.

Both types have a central

Controlled electric currents running through coils contained in the pump housing apply forces to the magnets, which in turn cause the rotors to spin. If successful, this may reduce the chance of infection as a result of the power cable through the skin. April This is a partial list and may never be complete Referenced additions are welcome. The study is to assess the system as bridge-to-transplantation system for patients with end-stage heart failure.

The first device of its kind to be approved by the U. In any case, it has substantial potential advantages in avoiding the need to operate on the heart itself and in avoiding any contact between blood and the device.

Both types have a central rotor containing permanent magnets. As of June these pumps had been implanted in over patients. Intensive training classes are scheduled throughout the year to provide factory training to hospital biomedical engineers.

As of June these pumps

Some of the polyurethane components used in the devices cause the deletion of a subset of immune cells when blood comes in contact with them. If the pump is contained inside the body then a vent tube to the outside air is required. See important safety information.